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this is difficult

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hey um that video you reblogged? the op is a huge transmisygonist and has bullied people (mostly young trans kids) so i really reccommend that you do dont reblog her stuff
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this is my fire emblem fic after talkign with biangra about some cool funky headcanons ((((:

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That wasn't funny.

The stillness of the night echoed in contrast with the clearness of the starlit sky— less than but the simple sound of quiet footsteps could be heard throughout their current location. Silhouettes of Lucina, Lissa, and Chrom had made their way into a small, grassy field opposite of their campsite. The moon stood full and milky in the sky, the signal that their ceremony could begin.

There had been no sign that the three had been followed.

Though a disappointment Emmeryn could not be there with them, they had no choice to carry out their family’s long passed tradition. Neglecting to do so would be but an insult to their ancestors and kingdom itself, as it would be a failure to Emmeryn as well.

Chrom, having assumed leadership position in replacement of Emmeryn, had stopped his steps in the middle of the still field to face Lucina and Lissa. He spoke low, his tone lined with nothing less than solemn dedication. “Are you ready for the ritual?”

In response, both Lissa and Lucina nodded slowly. With another nod back at them, Chrom raised his head to face the light of the moon and gave a deep, rough howl. Both Lucina and Lissa followed, their howls each differing in tone, like the orchestrated symphony of Beethoven’s 5th.

Chrom soon began to lace away at his clothing. He had tossed it aside, hopefully assuring that it would not be harmed in the process. Now nearly completely naked, the prince took a massive shit on the ground.

As Lissa and Lucina followed his lead, Chrom soon started to let out loud, vicious barks. “Gods…” He dropped to both his hands and feet and scuffled across the field, barking at whatever he could see in sight. The barks of Lissa and Lucina echoed his. The ritual had began.

This would go on for several hours— several dedicated hours that had been passed down to each generation of their family.

Nobody questioned it.

Everybody followed.

An odd stench hit Frederick’s nose. He had assumed that a pack of wild dogs were nearing towards the camp, and as a result his first priority was to protect Chrom and Lissa from any potential dangers— no matter the cost.

The barking grew louder as he neared the field, silver sword in hand and a questionable look on his face.There he both Chrom, Lissa, and Lucina, unclothed and scattering across the field.

Spread across the field as well were several sources of the foul stench.

All the knight felt was confusion. Why? What was Chrom doing? Why were they shitting on the ground?


It was the only word Frederick could hear coming from Chrom’s mouth between the barking and howling.

Perhaps he should get their attention. “Milord.”

His call was answered with the sudden turning of the triad’s heads. Less than a few moments later, he was suddenly being barked out. The three howled louder than they had before, each other’s barks and cries synchronizing with one another’s into the night.